Overlook Park at Morgan Falls

Overlook Park at Morgan Falls is one of the most popular recreation sites in Sandy Springs. SSC first envisioned the park in 2001, before City incorporation. Since that time we have raised funds and invested more than $300,000 at Morgan Falls:

  • 2003 – Secured grants and produced a Morgan Falls Great Park Master Plan and Bridge Feasibility Study (link to Projects/ Bike/Ped Bridge).
  • 2005 – Completed the site plan, design and construction drawings for the proposed pavilion and gate areas, and initiated the federally-required environmental assessment for the kayak/canoe dock. (We gave these to the City as the basis for the larger Overlook Park plan.)
  • Secured a grant and purchased the new kayak/canoe dock
  • 2009 – Commissioned the Historical and Architectural Evaluation of Morgan Falls Standing Chimney by Lord Aeck & Sargent
  • 2009 Commissioned the Archaeological Assessment of Morgan Falls Home Site & Chimney by New South Associates
  • 2009 Constructed the hiking trail on the bluff above the pavilion.

NOTE: To reserve the Pavilion or book an event, contact the Recreation & Parks Department at the City: (770) 730-5600 or http://www.sandyspringsga.gov/City-Departments/Recreation-and-Parks

Take a Walk in the Woods

On your visit to Overlook Park, take a walk in the woods, This not-quite-a-mile trail is a welcome spot to spend an hour any day of year but especially welcome on hot days when the shade cools the trail. The Sandy Springs Conservancy constructed the natural surface trail as a gift to the City and its citizens. The trail winds through a forest of hardwoods and pine, typical of the Atlanta area. Parts of the trail lie on an old road bed constructed by work crews who built the hydro plant more than 100 years ago. Visitors will have a spectacular view of Overlook Park and the river from various points on the trail.

The trail has two entrances (trail heads) from Overlook Park, one adjacent to the parking l

Fieldstones line the edge at this curve
Fieldstones line the edge at this curve of the trail.
Trailhead at the the Overlook Pavilion
Trailhead at the the Overlook Pavilion
SSC installed benches, made of local cedar
At the three trail overlooks, SSC installed benches, made of local cedar. The benches were made possible with a grant from The Sandy Springs Society.

The Old Chimney – Heart of Overlook Park

SSC has had a long-standing interest in the Morgan Falls area (see our accomplishments below). During preparation for construction, the City uncovered an old homesite and standing chimney on the bluff above the river. Plans were to bulldoze the area.Stacked Stone Chimney at Morgan Falls Many thought the old chimney was special. Was it worth preserving or not? We couldn’t be sure. We knew the site might date back to the early 1800s when settlers, such as the Power Family, came into the river valley.

SSC commissioned architectural historical and archaeological studies. Our interest was to document the site’s history and provide City decision makers with information about the standing chimney. As a result, the City did not raze the chimney but made it the heart of Overlook Park.

In summary, the reports:

  • Dated the chimney and original homesite to about 1839 when Joseph Power gave his son, William, the property with a house on it.Confirmed the existence of a secondary river ferry run by the Power Family at the Morgan Falls site
  • Documented the exceptional construction of the standing chimney, made of local stone and little mortar
  • Documented other features of the homesite including a well, second chimney, a road trace to the river

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