Welcome to the Sandy Springs Conservancy.  Our mission is to build partnerships that create, conserve and connect parks and green space in Sandy Springs.  Please stay and look around! If you haven’t already, please “Like” us on Facebook.


SSC color2014 has already proven to be a very exciting time for the Conservancy, as we will be soon launching a Volunteer Corps, Docent Team and the chance to become an official Sandy Springs Conservancy member. We will also be celebrating the opening of the Abernathy Greenway, the building of trails in Lost Corner Preserve and new interactive signage at Overlook Park. We look forward to the year ahead and are thrilled to have so much support from the Sandy Springs community.

After a long, long winter, Spring is hereP1010098!Granite form


March 24, 2014 – There has a been a lot of progress in the Abernathy Greenway over the last few months as the crews install the hardscapes and the Playable Art Park pieces! Over the winter, the Greenway has seen visits from Dragonfly Artists Tanner Coleman and Alexis Gregg, ”It’s You & Me, Kid” artist Frank Swanson, who drove all the way from Littleton, Colorado to personally install his beautiful 18,000 lb granite sculptures, and “Twist and Shout” artist Beth Nybeck who visited the site from her home city of Kansas City. The City will also be installing resilient safety surfaces around the sculptures. With all six pieces of Playable Art installed, we are getting ever so close to our public grand opening this Spring.174






Trail Design for Lost Corner Nature Preserve is underway. trails

The City of Sandy Springs, The Sandy Springs Conservancy and Friends of Lost Corner received a substantial grant from the Department of Natural Resources to put trails in at Lost Corner so visitors can explore the 24 acres of natural beauty.

The City recently put out an RFP for bids to design and install the trails.  The City and SSC are currently reviewing the bids.  We hope they will be completed by the spring of 2014.